Black River Linedance Club

Klubben för dig som vill dansa Linedance i Örebro och Karlskoga

HT 2019


Vecka, Kursgång, Datum Nivå 1 (Beginner) Nivå 2
35, 1:1, 28/8 Rocket To The Sun,
College Hustle
I Close My Eyes
36, 1:2, 4/9 No Name World For Two
37, 1:3, 11/9 Repetition Your Heaven!
38, 1:4, 18/9 First Cha Repetition
39, 1:5, 25/9 Let It Bay - Be Right Now
40, 1:6, 2/10 Never & Forever Higher & Higher
42, 2:1, 16/10 1000 Years (or more) Train Swing
43, 2:2, 23/10 Little Red Book The Newfie Stomp
45, 2:4, 6/11 When You Smile& Adalaida
47, 2:6, 20/11 Down On Your Uppers Life's Been Good


Vecka, Kursgång, Datum Nivå 3 Nivå 4
35, 1:1, 29/8 Lonely Blues Thousand Times
36, 1:2, 5/9 Simply The Best Get Wild
37, 1:3, 12/9 Repetition I Can Do Hard Things
38, 1:4, 19/9 Soul Shake Repetition
39, 1:5, 26/9 Beautiful In My Eyes Great Spirit
40, 1:6, 3/10 Shot Of Tequila I Wanna Go
42, 2:1, 17/10 Both Limelight
44, 2:3, 31/10 Hey Now Cherry On Top
45, 2:4, 7/11 Half Past Tipsy Chicago Gold 
47, 2:6, 21/11 Life's Been Good Say It Again

VT 2019


Kursgång, Vecka, Datum Nivå 1 (forts Beginner) Nivå 2 (Improver)
1:2, v3, 16/1 Graffiti Baby Whenever You Come Around
1:3, v4, 23/1 Down On Your Uppers Zjozzys Funk
1:4, v5, 30/1 Old School Rock & Roll Have You Ever Seen The Rain
1:6, v7, 13/2 Off The Beaten Track Oh Me Oh My Oh
2:1, v10, 6/3 6 8 12 Thankful 
2:2, v11, 13/3 Havana Cha Giant
2:4, v13, 27/3 Tush Push The Boat To Liverpool
2:5, v14, 3/4 Good Vibes Lots of Love
2:6, v15, 10/4 S.O.T.B. Suga Suga


Kursgång, Vecka, Datum Nivå 3 (Easy Interm)Nivå 4 (Interm)
1:2, v3, 17/1 With These Eyes Graffiti
1:3, v4, 24/1 No Strings Attached One Wing
1:4, v5, 31/1 Alabama Slammin' Just a Phase
1:5, v6, 7/2 Thankful Slow Burn
2:1, v9, 28/2 Swing Your Chains I Am Giant
2:2, v10, 7/3 California Everybody Feel Good
2:4, v12, 21/3 Vanotek Cha I Hope
2:5, v13, 28/3 Hands In The Air Purple Rain

HT 2018


Vecka, Kursgång, datum Beginner (Nivå 1) Improver (Nivå 2)
35, 1:1, 29/8 Fresh, Katchi, No Name Ballymore Boys
36, 1:2, 5/9
College Hustle For The World
37, 1:3, 12/9
Mamma Mia! Why Me? Before The Devil
39, 1:5, 26/9 Mama Loo Groovy Love
40, 1:6, 3/10 First Cha La Fiesta Cubana
43, 2:1, 24/10 1000 Years (or more) Get It Right
44, 2:2, 31/10 Swango I've Been Waiting For You
45, 2:3, 7/11 Never & Forever Sunshine Twist 
47, 2:5, 21/11 Live, Laugh, Love Music To My Eyes
48, 2:6, 28/11 Special Delivery 1-2-3-4


Vecka, Kursomgång, DatumEasy Intermediate (Nivå 3) Intermediate (Nivå 4)
35, 1:1, 30/8 Groovy Love Second Time Around
36, 1:2, 6/9 A Double Whiskey Cold Feet 
37, 1:3, 13/9 Rain Against My Window Blaze Of Glory
39, 1:5, 27/9 If Heaven Just A Kiss
40, 1:6, 4/10 Footloose Hurts Like A Cha Cha
42, 2:1, 18/10 Soldier Vanotek Cha
43, 2:2, 25/10 It's Your Moves  Broken Wings
44, 2:3, 1/11 Jesse James Repetition
46, 2:5, 15/11Repetition Break Free Cha
47, 2:6, 22/11 Smoky Mountain Whiskey Repetition

VT 2018

HT 2017


Vecka, KursomgångBeginner (ons 18:00)Improver (ons 19:30)
35, 1:1Shine 🙂, No NameLonely Drum
36, 1:2ABee Honey BeeSummer Sway
37, 1:3Simply Does ItSlow Hands
39, 1:5First ChaEyes For You
40, 1:6Mama LooHavana Cha
43, 2:1Dream OnLife After Love
44, 2:2 Swango True Believer!
47, 2:4Love You MoreEvergreen
48, 2:5Live Laugh Love> Bored


VeckaEasy Intermadiate (18:00)Intermediate (19:30)
35, 1:1Wandering HeartsDelilah
36, 1:2 Teenage Dreams Whiskey Tango
37, 1:3Quiero BailarTake a Second
39, 1:5Everybody's GroovinMelodia
40, 1:6Hell If I KnowSauced Up
42, 2:1 White Summer Dress Boombox
43, 2:2Time To SurrenderEverybody's Got A Secret
45, 2:4Por FavorThe Last Word
46, 2:5Perfect Strip That Down
47, 2:6Sweet CarolineClap Snap

VT 2017

HT 2016


VeckaBeginner (kl 18:00)Impover (kl 19:30)
35, 1:1The Freeze, No NameDrift Off To Dream
36, 1:2College HustleDrift Away
37, 1:3Simply Does ItRepetition
38, 1:4RepetitionSweet Like Lemonade
39, 1:5Never & ForeverYour Heaven!
40, 1:6Country Walkin´Gypsy Queen
43, 2:1Lindi Shuffle The Queen
44, 2:2S. O. T. B.Son Of Man
45, 2:3Easy NightRepetition
46, 2:4RepetitionVegas Baby!
47, 2:5First ChaLouisiana Swing
48, 2:6Shattered Dreams Recovering

VT 2016


3, 1:2Irish Stew Ain't Misbehavin'
4, 1:3 Easy Does It One Wing
6, 1:5 Ticket To The Blues Pop That Lock
7, 1:6 Never And Forever Repetition
8, 1:7Repetition Stand By You
10, 2:1 6 8 12 Slamming Doors
11, 2:2 Ghost Train I Never Knew
13, 2:3 Stop Staring At My Eyes Repetition
14, 2:4Repetition Die A Happy Man
15, 2:5 Midnight Rendezvous Vision Of Love
16, 2:6 Tush Push A Lesson In Love

HT 2015


Vecka KursdagGrundkurs 18:00 -- 19:30Intermediate 19:30 -- 21:00
35, 1:1A-B Ticket, No NameRepetition
36, 1:2College HustleUptown Funk
37, 1:3Simply Does ItRock Paper Scissors
40, 1:6Dream OnBlack Horse
43, 2:1Lindi ShuffleExtreme Love
44, 2:2S.O.T.B.Second Hand Heart
46, 2:4Live, Laugh, LoveStrip It Down
47, 2:5Mini MarianaBetter When I'm Dancin'
48, 2:6Shattered DreamsShould've Gone Home

VT 2015

HT 2014


Vecka, kursdagEasy Intermediate (torsd 18.00)Intermediate (torsd 19.30)
35, 1:1MakitaEnigma
36, 1:2Judy Likes To RockFireball
37, 1:3Raggle Taggle Gypsy OAin´t Wot U Do
39, 1:5Down To The RiverSuperheroes
40, 1:6Saku ShakeHit The Floor
42, 2:1Could This Be Love?Slowly Drifting
43, 2:2Wonder TrainRepetition
44, 2:3Wrapped UpNot The Only One
45, 2:4RepetitionWashed In The Water
46, 2:5Black VelvetRepetition
47, 2:6One Great MysteryCheesecake

VT 2014

HT 2013


Vecka, kursdagBeginner (onsd 18.00)Improver (onsd 19.30)
35, 1:1A - B Whirl, No NameRepetition
36, 1:2Simply Does ItRepetition
37, 1:3RepetitionMy Idiot
38, 1:4Lindi Shuffle,
Precious Time
40, 1:6Little Red BookGot My Baby Back
41, 1:7Dream OnDonegal Wandering
43, 2:2First ChaDriven
46, 2:46 8 12Don't Stop
48 2:5Country WalkingHonky Tonk Swing


Vecka, kursdagEasy Intermediate (torsd 18.00)Intermediate (torsd 19.30)
36, 1:2Celtic TeardropsRepetition
37, 1:3RepetitionNever Say Never
38, 1:4Blurred LinesRepetition
40, 1:6Somewhere In My CarMy Light
43, 2:1Jump On A RideWrong Side Slide
45, 2:3Taking Over MePost Code Envy
46, 2:4TrespassingGoing Home
48, 2:6KreedomSpitfire

VT 2013


VeckaGrundkurs (forts) 18.00 - 19.15Fortsättning 1 19.15 - 20.30Fortsättning 2 20.30 - 21.45
2Come Dance With MeRepetition Repetition
3RepetitionWhen I Need YouRunning Free
4Mini MarianaGlory Of LoveRepetition
5Shattered DreamsRepetitionHurt Me Carefully
6RepetitionCan't Make MoneyRepetition
7Tush PushUntil The EndOlivia
9Live, Laugh, LoveWagon Wheel RockThe Mermaid
10Irish Stew, Country Walkin'RepetitionRepetition
12You Got That ThangGive It A GoWhen I Was Yours
146 8 12Swing A LingRepetition
15Reelin And Rockin´Let It Be LoveLove Is Easy

HT 2012

VT 2012

HT 2011

VT 2011

HT 2010

VT 2010

HT 2009

VT 2009

HT 2008

VT 2008


VeckaLätta Linedanser(onsd 17.30)Grundkurs(onsd 19.00)
2Baby Hey BabyCowgirl Twist
3Boogie, Woogie, PianoSticks And Stones
4Standing OutsideWorkin 4 A Livin
5Flobie SlideRepetition
6Sweet BabyGet Down Get Funky
7BroadwayIrish Stew
8Out Of ReachCome Dance With Me
9Under The Mango TreeRepetition
10Cat FeverRio
11Mini-MamboDance Like You're The Only One
134 5 6 WaltzRepetition
14Baby BopShy Waltz
15Night Night6 8 12
16Barking DogsRepetition


VeckaFortsättningsgrupp (torsd 18.00)Intermediate 1 (torsd 19.05)Intermediate 2 (torsd 20.10)
2Rebel AmorMy Heart Is Broken Too Repetition
3DrizaboneCall On MeDon't Push Me
5Wave On WaveGive It BackRepetition
6Sea Salt SallyRepetitionBoardroom
7RepetitionFirecrackerHigh Time
8Hot Stuff(Lets Dance)RepetitionLet's Get Saved
9Just A KissCowboy MixRepetition
10RepetitionAmor De HieloBaby Come To Me
11Hound DogRepetitionRepetition
13California BlueSilver MoonIrish Spirit (aka Bailey's)
14Follow MeRepetitionRepetition
15Beauty And The BeatCrazy Foot MamboNothin' Better To Do

HT 2007


VeckaFortsättningsgrupp (torsd 18.00)Intermediate 1 (torsd 19.05)Intermediate 2 (torsd 20.10)
37Stop And StartIs It So?Show Me Yours
38Come Dance With MeRepetitionRepitition
39One More MidnightNot Like ThatTime 2 Fly
40Midnight WaltzRepetitionRepetition
41RepetitionA Cowboy And A DancerGuardian Angel
42Kill The SpidersRepetitionRepetition
44A Little Bit CloserRepetitionRepetition
45ValerieKiss And Make UpCT Girl
47Sugar RushZjozzys FunkWanna Know Why
48Alpen PolkaWhole AgainSlow Burn

VT 2007


VeckaLätta Linedanser(onsd.17.30)Newcomer (onsd 19.00)Novice (torsd 18.00)Easy Intermediate (torsd 19.05)Intermediate (torsd 20.10)
3Dream OnMake It UpThe King And IBella BellaRepetition
4Sweet BabyCounty Line Cha ChaEnchantmentRepetitionSinfull
5Back To YouBeyond The BlueRepetitionRicochetRepetition
6Jailhouse RockGet Down Get FunkyMidnight WaltzRepetitionHolding Back The Ocean
7Beat Me DaddySpeak To The SkyCaught in The ActHeart Of An AngelRepetition
8Simply Does ItRepetitionRepetitionRepetitionWork In Progress
9Just4 FunMidnight RendezvousSlipperyI Will BeRepetition
10A Fine Place To StartBlack CoffeeBlue CaliforniaRepetitionSelf Control
11Singing The BluesWrap AroundRepetitionSolo HumanoRepetition
12GoodbyeRepetitionAtomik PolkaRepetitionAlone Together
13El Rey SplitIrish StewIslands In The StreamFeel The MagicRepetition
15African StrollCheeky CharlestonRepetition 6 8 12 (NC2S)Repetiton 6 8 12 (NC2S)She's Madonna (NC2S)
16Ain't That A Kick6 8 12 (NC2S)EvergreenHead Over HeelsRepetition
17First SouthPretendRepetitionRepetitionOne More Midnight

HT 2006


VeckaLätta Linedanser
(onsd 19.00)
(torsd 18.00)
Easy Intermediate
(torsd 19.05)
(torsd 20.10)
v35Snake OilA-B Ticket, The FreezeRepetitionRepetitionRepetition
v36BroadwayTall TRioBeach DayIt´s Up To You
v37Flobie SlideAB Whirl2 Hell And BackBefore The DevilRepetition
v38Red Hot ZephyrLindi ShuffleMama! Won´t You Take Me home?Leaving Of LiverpoolRing Of Fire
v39LocomotionGhost TrainMacca MamboRepetitionPicking Trash
v40AJ's WaltzPiece Of CakeRepetitionGordita LindaRepetition
v41Bosa Nova (bs)Live Laugh LoveRomanceCome Here YouCeltic Kittens
v42Reel EasyCountry Walking Come Dance With MeRepetitionRepetition
v43Little SusieIcebreakerCloserEverybody's SomeoneMambo AEA
v44Precious TimeRepetitionRubitinDrunk'n Love WaltzCherry Poppin'
v45Under The Mango Tree123 WaltzRepetitionMy Greek No. 1Repetition
v46Cowboy StrutTush PushA Sight To SeeA Door A BellShake Up The Party
v47No WayCountry 2 Step Irish StewWhy Don't You Do Right?Don't Feel Like Dancing
v48First ChaRepetitionRepetitionRepetitionRepetition

VT 2006


Lätta Linedanser
(tis 17.30)
Newcomer (forts)
(torsd 18.00)
Novice (forts)
(torsd 19.05)
Intermediate 1
(sönd 16.30)
Intermediate 2
(torsd 20.10)
v2Begin AgainRepetitionRepetitionRepetitionRepetition
v3BeautifulBeyond The BlueTicket To HeavenTicket To HeavenJoin The Queue
v41011000 Years (or more)The King & IBring It OnYou Raise Me Up
v5A Beautiful GirlMidnight RendezvousLove BugRepetitionFollow Me (rep)
v6Urban LivingRepetitionRepetitionJoin The QueueRepetition
v7RepetitionCheeky CharlestonPretendBetcha NevaThe World
v8Baby BopStitch it upUntil The EndWhiskey in the JarAll Day Long
v9Cash WalkCandy WineRepetitionLove BugRepetition
v109 to 5Make It UpBack To LouisiannaInställdCrabbuckit
v11The Memory Cha ChaRepetitionBeer For My HorsesRepetitionToo Funky For Me
v12Fancy FeetBabeThe WorldThe WorldRepetition
v13Basic WaltzWithin Easy ReachMidnight WaltzBosa NovaBrokeback Waltz
v14All Together NowJitterbuggin'Kill The SpidersKill The SpidersHeartbreaker
v15Fire 'n' WaterInställdInställdInställdInställd
v16RepetitionRepetitionFunky CountryRepetition

HT 2005


Lätta Linedanser
(tis 17.30)
(torsd 18.00)
(torsd 19.05)
Intermediate 1
(sönd 16.30)
Intermediate 2
(torsd 20.10)
A-B Ticket, The FreezeMake It UpTop Of The WorldTop Of The World
v36A-B L, A-B Corner, A-B CopycatTall TTop Of The WorldReelin' & Rockin'Betcha Neva
v37Cajun Two StepA-B WhirlIrish StewRepetitionRepetition
v38Stanley's StompLindi ShuffleRepetitionCloserCloser
v39Free & EasyGhost TrainReelin' & Rockin'EvergreenKind Of Magic
v40BurninPiece Of CakeLove Is In The AirRepetitionRepetition
v411st StepCounty Line Cha ChaCloserCadillac BabyAtlantis
v42Lost LoveCountry WalkingWave On WaveCho-Co-LatteFiredance
v43RoughcutLive, Laugh, LoveRepetitionRepetitionRepetition
v44Charleston StrutRepetitionCome dance with mePoppa JoeOverload
v45The Bus StopTush PushThe Picnic Polka, Keep It UpSweet Little DangerousBlack Horse
v46All Over AgainIcebreakerRepetitionRepetitionRepetition
v47Baby Hey Baby1 2 3 WaltzPoppa JoeOverloadPush The Button
v48InställdCountry 2 StepBe StrongCall MeCall Me

VT 2005


Lätta Linedanser
(tis 17.30)
(torsd 19.00)
(sönd 16.30)
Intermediate 1
(torsd 20.10)
Intermediate 2
(torsd 17.45)
v2 RepetitionCaught RepetitionRepetition
v3Cajun Thang1000 Years Sweet Café Trust me Mariana Mambo
v4A - B Whirl Beyond the blue Auto-Moves How Lucky I AmTrust me
v5Start Easy JitterbugginRepetitionRepetitionRepetition
v6Redneck Strut Country 2 Step PretendWhere We've Been Imagine
v7Standing Outside RepetitionMariana Mambo Bring It On The Way
v8Lindi Shuffle Lover Boy Maybe I Could RepetitionRepetition
v9Memory Cha ChaCaught The Picnic PolkaBad Reputation Street Soul
v10Fizz Cheeky Charleston Until The End What's On The BarSame Old Ride
v11Easy Joint RepetitionRepetitionRepetitionRepetition
v13Wandering StrollMidnight Rendezvous Where We've Been Dangerous Curves The Right Way
v14Kiss Me Quick Start Easy, 1-2-3 WaltzSide By Side Caught In The ActTik Tok Too
v15Free & EasyStitch It Up Inställd Side By SideP.S.E.
v16Little Darling Sweet Melody Miller MagicMiller MagicMiller Magic

HT 2004


(torsd 19.00)
(sönd 16.30)
Intermediate 1
(torsd 20.00)
Intermediate 2
(torsd 17.45)
California Freeze, ZiggyDo Wop Be Doo Be DooDoctor, Doctor Ya do
Tall TBeyond The Blue The Picnic PolkaL.D.V. (La Dolce Vita)
Cowboy CharlestonLet's Go RepetitionRepetition
County Line Cha ChaRepetitionUrban Grace How Lucky I Am
RepetitionBuy Me A DrinkSweet Café, Let's GoSide By Side
Ghost TrainCheek to Cheek RepetitionRepetition
Live, Laugh, LoveInställtUntil The End Bring It On
Sweet Talk Wanna Be Me RepetitionMaybe I Could
BabeRepetitionWave on Wave Repetition
Tush Push, Lindi Shuffle Nu Får Det Vara Nog Within Easy Reach Cliché
RepetitionCome dance with meChill Factor Caught In The Act
Icebreaker RepetitionRepetitionRepetition
Piece Of CakeCaught In The ActJust For You Cadillac Baby
Country WalkingBallymore BoysBallymore BoysRepetition

Wave on Wave